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i've been played

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at 5:50pm my son asked for permission to go out to dinner with his best friend.  he had no money.  his friend was going to pay for dinner.  <will this damn kid EVER get a job??>\   i agreed he could go.
a minute later, he tells me that they are going to a restaurant in Westboro (about 15 minutes away) and they may not be back by his curfew of 8pm, and could i extend it for tonite. i agreed to that, too, against my better judgement.

note here: when i was in high school, i was home by 6pm every day except for school events and work.

ok, so guess what time the friend picked up my son??  yup, 7:10pm. so guess who *definitely* won't be home till 8:30 or later??

i'm taking bets on how late he'll be. 

damn, i hate being played.

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On February 25th, 2009 04:09 pm (UTC), devotedbear commented:
I'm confused. He asked if he could be late and he's going to be? How is this playing you? I assume I'm missing something.
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On February 25th, 2009 09:41 pm (UTC), mobmama replied:
actually, he asked if he could be late because they were going to a "nicer" restauarant that was a little further away. i said OK.
THEN they didn't leave for 55 more minutes!! as in, they would NOT have been late if they had left when they initially implied they were going to.
THAT's why i was upset.

and in fact, they went to a different place and were back by 7:55pm; so i ca'nt complain about THAT.
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