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weird music cravings

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i'm having weird music cravings. 

not cravings for weird music, just weird cravings for music that i'm not used to craving.  i'm not sure how to explain it any better than that.

it's October, right?  i'm dying for xmas music.  i never do that.  every year, i won't let the kids play xmas music before Thanksgiving is OVER.  it's just not ... ... normal.  the 12 days of Christmas START on 12/25. 

so it's 6am and i'm the only one up in the house and i'm listenking to The Irish Rovers singing Down Among the Bushes of Jerusalem. 

other music cravings incxlude Jambalaya by Harry Connick Jr., Alice's Restaurant by Arlo Guthrie, and Chicken Cordon Bleus by Steve Goodman. 

i'm sure this would say something very profound about me if i brought it to Signor Freud, but to me, it's just Weird Music Cravings.

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